Summer Enrichment at Immanuel provides opportunities to learn and experience new concepts in new ways. 





JUN. 13 AND 15   JUL. 11 AND 13   JUL. 25 AND 27  


CLASS: 9-11:30 AM

LUNCH BUDDIES: 11:30-12:15 PM



Per diem price per child is $35

Discounted price for all six days is $200

Lunch Buddies is $5 per day

Information about all of Immanuel's summer events and programming is available in the Summer Events Flyer.








ABCs & 123s

Ages 3-4 (potty trained)

Led by early childhood educator Wendy Nelson

Your preschooler will have tons of fun with letters and numbers through art, music, and play. Children assimilate concepts in a variety of ways. Research suggests that listening to music can enhance spatial reasoning performance, which is the ability to perceive the visual world accurately, to form mental images of physical objects, and to recognize variations of objects. These abilities are crucial for higher brain functions such as reading and mathematics. Perhaps as in no other time, children are experiencing the workd in a more highly visual way through the seemingly unlimited supply of images available to them. Their visual cortex is five times larger than their auditory cortex, so it makes sense that they respond in such a positive way when they learn through visual arts. Movement is regulated through the cerebellum, which stores muscle memory. Using this capacity facilitates remembering what has been studied, and learning through movement and dance can make abstract ideas more understandable.




Children entering Kindergarten-Grade 2 

Led by ILS fifth grade teacher, Penny Suydam 

(Names 2016 Distinguished Lutheran Elementary Teacher by the Lutheran Education Association)

Reading gets a little messy as children make connections between picture books and scientific concepts. There will be lots of reading and lots of hands-on science. Children learn best when subject matter is meaningful and useful, and literature brings meaning to science. Children’s literature integrated into science instruction can be a motivating force to develop content knowledge as well as stimulate a sense of wonder about the natural world. When this wonder is translated into hands-on science experiments based on children's literature, the best of all educational experiences is achieved--reading, thinking, then doing--each reinforcing the other.




Children entering Grades 3-4

Led by Immanuel’s fourth grade teacher, Bill Moser

Children will explore cultures around the world through books, music, food, art, and special projects. Children will participate in the best of what cultures have to offer: the books that describe our experiences and the music that gives them expression, the food that celebrates our experiences and the art that depicts them. They will learn to appreciate the unique qualities other cultures share with the world. Special projects will focus on opportunities for learning how others view the world based on their experience of it and will provide the platform for developing an understanding and appreciation of these varied human experiences.

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